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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Telegram has got a lot of working features, now it will be more fun to chat

 Telegram has got a lot of working features, now it will be more fun to chat

 Nowadays between work from home, virtual chat-based conversations, and meetings, Telegram has added some new features to its platform. This messenger has got some updates related to search filters, comments, emoji, and admin.

Search filters

Telegram search filters enable users to easily find a specific message. The app has 6 different tabs for chat, media, links, files, music, and voice messages. They will be kept separate by time, person, group, and channel. Users will be able to access the old message again using this filter.

Telegram has got a lot of working features, now it will be more fun to chat

Telegram has got a lot of working features, now it will be more fun to chat

Channel comment

After the latest upgrade, users will now be able to comment on channel posts. This could not have happened before. It was just a one-way street. However, this feature will only apply to those channels. Which are connected to your discussion groups. Also send by voice message, sticker, and GIFs. The admin will have the power to maintain the group's limits. Blocks any comment.

Admin will get more discount

This feature allows administrators of any groups the freedom to remain anonymous while hiding their identities. Any message sent by the admin will appear in the name of the group. This feature is already applicable for telegram channels and is now available for those groups as well.


New animation pop-ups have also been introduced for Android users. In this case, when deleting messages, you can change the notification.

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Profile picture

Talking about another highlight of this update, you can easily view any picture in group chat just by pressing and holding any display photo.

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