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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Important English Questions for SSC CHSL 2015

Important English Questions for SSC CHSL 2015
1. Throughout the years, Rita has _____ a style of her own.
(A) evolved
(B) dissolve
(C) devolve
(D) resolve
Answer : (A) evolved

2. You will have to account for all the _____ incurred during your tenure.
(A) losses
(B) lose
(C) looses
(D) lost
Answer : (A) losses

3. His act was not ____ by anyone.
(A) approval
(B) approving
(C) approve
(D) approved
Answer : (D) approved

4. Smoking in public has been ____by law.
(A) prohibited
(B) prevented
(C) disallowed
(D) forbidden
Answer : (A) prohibited

5. Do not be ____ of other's progress.
(A) proud
(B) possess
(C) fascinate
(D) jealous
Answer : (D) jealous

Questions 6 to 10: Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word

(A) Disconnect
(B) Seclude
(C) Disunite
(D) Separate
Answer : (D) Separate

(A) Force
(B) Trick
(C) Expel
(D) Polish
Answer : (C) Expel

(A) Inactive
(B) Unmoving
(C) Fixed
(D) Still
Answer : (A) Inactive

(A) Confuse
(B) Deceive
(C) Sorry
(D) Reveal
Answer : (A) Confuse

(A) Ephemeral
(B) Unstable
(C) Irregular
(D) Temporary 
Answer : (A) Ephemeral

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